The Greg Peterson Experience

Midnight-3 a.m. Weekdays (Repeats from 3 am – 7 am) Host: Greg Peterson Three hours of non-stop energy is a promise on every single show with Greg leaving no stone unturned. Biases and hot takes do not have a place on this show, just finding both winners on the day’s betting board and finding angles […]

VSin Tonight with Matt Youmans and Wes Reynolds

9 p.m.-Midnight ET weekdays Hosts: Matt Youmans and Wes Reynolds Featuring veteran sports handicappers Matt Youmans and Wes Reynolds, the show will dig into the night’s betting card and highlight any value these experts can find in the in-game betting markets. They’ll also look ahead to games the next day to help bettors attack the […]

VSiN PrimeTime with Patrick Meagher & Amal Shah

6-9 p.m. ET Weekdays Hosts: Tim Murray & Shaun King Tim Murray and former NFL QB Shaun King get you ready for the primetime games with a mix of fun and first-hand perspective. Nobody sweats out bets like they do. Join in the pregame and in-game excitement.

Sharp Money with Patrick Meagher & Amal Shah

5-6 p.m. ET Weekdays Hosts: Patrick Meagher and Amal Shah This show explores two unique approaches to betting, broadcasting and life with VSiN fan favorites Patrick Meagher and Amal Shah.  Meagher’s wide perspective and Shah’s sharp knowledge combine for unique perspectives on any and all available information to handicap the full betting board.

The Lombardi Line

Noon – 2 pm Hosts: Michael Lombardi & Stormy Buonatony / Femi Abe Longtime NFL front office executive Michael Lombardi and VSiN hosts Stormy Buonantony and Femi Abebefe combine to offer decades of experience on the field, in locker rooms and analyzing data

Follow The Money

9a – 10 am ET Weekdays Hosts: Mitch Moss & Pauly Howard Follow the Money on “AM-960 Bet on the Bull”, featuring veterans of the Las Vegas sports betting scene, Mitch Moss and Pauly Howard, who combine their knowledge of sports, gambling and pop culture for the perfect show to start your day.

A Numbers Game with Gill Alexander

10a – Noon ET Weekdays Host: Gill Alexander Radio personality and long-time podcaster Gill Alexander takes his audience on an informative ride through the analytics world, focusing on the unique, lesser-known numbers that fuel today’s modern bettors.

The Bryan Hanks Show

The Bryan Hanks Show presented by Lenoir Community College airs weekdays at 7 am – 9 am and Repeats 3 pm – 5 pm